krystalsteel pipes
Manufacturer & Exporter of - Seamless Stainless, Duplex & Nickel Alloy Tubes, Pipes & U Tubes & Fittings
Seamless Manufacturing Process

A HF rolled tube or seamless mother pipe is drawn into a tube. This tube has been reduced to a new final diameter and thickness.

The original tube goes through at least, these processes :

  • Thermal Treatment-Normalizing
  • Straightening and Pointing
  • Chemical Process
  • Cold drawing
  • Final Straightening & cutting
  • Non Destructive Control
  • Dimensional Control

At KRYSTAL, Cold Drawn Tubes are characterised by :

  • Very tight tolerances (both external and internal diameter)
  • Surface Appearance
  • Low superficial roughness

As per ASTM norms, we offer each pipe to be tested either for Hydrostatic test or Non Destructive Electric (Eddy Current)
test or both as required by customer to meet up the end usage demand.
For bright annealed tubes pickling process shall not be carried out.

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Welding Process :

The power source and electrical inputs govern the quality of welding by Gas Tungsten Arc process. WE improvise by sourcing uni cathode and multi cathode system from Miller-USA incorporated with the latest IGBT technology. The welding process ensures that the seam is tracked and also prevents weld from wavering thereby controlling the weld width to a narrow zone and ensuring appropriate penetration and minimizing HAZ. This technique ensures high quality, high speed welding which is consistent.

In Line Annealing :

It is an induction heating process with uniform temperature throughout. Needless to state, the results are excellent with homogeneous metallurgical structure, free of carbide precipitation.

In-Line NDT :

We specialize with uniqueness in our production process by integrating In Line Eddy current testing (from MAC-USA) which scans the weld for any defects and alerts the tube mill engineer for immediate corrective actions, ensuring acceptable weld quality is produced on the mill itself.

For bright annealed tubes, pickling process shall not be carried out.

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